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Who We Are

At Go Talent Solutions, our mission is to match the right talent to the right company from the start. We specialize in diversity recruitment, which allows us to assess the values of our job seekers to help match them with companies that represent their values. 

It's No Accident That We Are On This Journey


During my recruitment career, I have led diversity recruitment initiatives and functions for notable technology companies, such as Facebook & LinkedIn. After a 10 year career recruiting for various companies, it was painstakingly obvious that a disconnect in recruitment processes existed between employers, recruiters, and jobseekers. That disconnect existed in the forms of interview biases and skewed diversity recruitment metrics.  Many companies focused on the numbers & meeting quotas. As a Black Woman, I realized that I was part of a system that did not value diverse employees for their skillset,  but rather as a number on a checklist. Without the human connection, companies are inaccurately measuring diversity & inclusion. 


As a recruiter, I have always focused on learning about each individual candidate and the value they would add to the company. Determined to make a change, I envisioned a recruitment process that was more intentional. This process led to the emergence of  Go Talent Solutions.

Founder and CEO of Go Talent Solutions

Meet Brittany

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