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Employer Recruitment

The Pinnacle of Talent

Our recruitment experts have over a decade of experience recruiting for top technology companies to develop long-term recruitment strategies, train recruitment teams, and diversify workforces for individual contributors through executive-level roles.  


Hiring, retaining, and developing talent is possible when your workforce accurately represents the customers you serve.


Companies committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion require a workforce with similar values, so both can meet their full potential. 


Partner with Go Talent Solutions to find the talent that ultimately contributes to your company culture, values, mission, and bottom line.

We have to be the right fit for you, to find the right fit for your company.

  1. Companies who are committed to promoting diversity, equity, & inclusion 

  2. Companies who want to be committed to promoting the cause, but are unsure of how to start

  3. Companies who don’t have enough experience to have an opinion, but are looking to discover new talent to their workforce

We provide recruitment solutions for startups and established companies.

Direct Hire & Contract Placements

New employees add value to your organization's culture by welcoming innovative ideas and different perspectives. Go Talent helps companies identify early career, individual contributor through executive level talent.

​Retained Executive Search 

Authentic and diverse representation amongst leadership teams promotes an equitable and inclusive company culture. Companies with diverse leadership teams have reported increased employee engagement, innovation, talent attraction, retention, customer experiences, and global opportunities. 


Go Talent Solutions understands the critical impact leadership vacancies create for organizations. We are here to help you. Our recruitment expert will assess your talent needs and identify a diverse slate of qualified leadership candidates. 

​Recruitment Strategy 

Go Talent helps companies create, evaluate, and enhance their recruitment strategies. We provide customized solutions to deliver your company’s hiring plan. We believe every company should have a diversity recruitment strategy.


It’s no secret that companies with a diverse staff offer higher productivity rates and are better positioned to meet the needs of diverse consumer bases. In fact, diverse companies generate 2.3 times more cash flows than monolithic-staffed companies. Diverse companies are also 70% more likely to capture new markets than organizations that are not intentional about diversity recruitment.


Go Talent provides ad hoc recruitment support for companies with unanticipated hiring needs. These needs vary on a variety of scales. Complete the form below to get connected with us as soon as possible. 

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Don't just take our word for it, see what our employers are saying.

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Go Talent Solutions helped us during a time of massive growth; We were in heavy hiring and recruiting mode. Go Talent Solutions embraced our criteria and delivered the types of candidates that we needed.

Keith, VP of Operations.

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